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  • Each child must be present to receive giveaway.​

  • This giveaway is for kids in need (17 years & younger).

  • Limit to: (1) uniform per child, (2) uniforms per household.

  • All giveaways are based upon individual and community donations.

  • The first to register will have a greater chance to receive giveaways.

  • You will be notified via email once donations and in-kind donations have been collected in July.

  • Please check your email between July 19th - July 30th. If you have received our email, you must CONFIRM your giveaway registration AND FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS FOR CHECK-IN on the day of the event to receive your giveaway. 

  • REGISTRATION WILL BE CLOSED once we have reached our goal of 153 kids. 


  • Clothing sizes range: 4 - 20 (kids sizes only)

  • Shoe sizes range: 11 - 7 (kids sizes)

  • Shoe sizes range: 7 - 10 (adult sizes)

  • Shirt colors: Light blue, White, Navy, Red.

  • Girls Pants Colors: Navy, Black, Grey, Khaki

  • Boys Pants Colors: Khaki, Navy​

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